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 United Forces Information

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PostSubject: United Forces Information   Wed Oct 10, 2018 1:09 pm

The united forces are the best of the best. We aim to quarantine users of them terrible magics, and we also aim to find out what is truly going on. Do these weapons actually talk as the rumors portray them to be?? What can these curses actually do to us??

Whether harmful or not, innocent or guilty, we will find them all, and we will keep them away from the public, they are not to be trifled with.

Oh, we also have big weapons, which we are allowed to use when it comes to capturing these wretched beings.

If you join us now, you will have fair pay, and you will have a secure future!!

Always abide by your superiors
When it comes to your superiors, they are to be respected and followed, if you believe there is a small problem with their ruling, bring it to the one that outclasses them.

Make minimal damage as possible
We aim to capture and quarantine those horrific magic users, we are to not destroy everything while we are at it.

Suspicious activity
If there is any slight suspicion that you have spotted a user of magic, then capture them immediately, do not hold back if there is a big crowd.

Do not harm the magic users in public
They will already be reacting when you attempt to catch them, don't harm them in public.
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United Forces Information
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