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 Deus Industries

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The Anthos Twins
The Anthos Twins
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PostSubject: Deus Industries Deus Industries EmptySun Oct 14, 2018 9:34 am

Welcome to Dues Industries. The Anthos Twins wish you a long and fulfilling life. That is.... as long as you're not on our hit-list. Deus Industries is an organisation for the neutral whose greed sways their daily lives and decisions. We take jobs from all parties and keep to ourselves.
Considering that we're such a low-profile group, we have a few certain places that we keep to.

Fervwhin Tavern:
Named after a lost friend, the bar was generously donated to Deus Industries as a resting area of sorts. With a bit of renovation, the Tavern became a modern bar with a homely atmosphere for personal enjoyment. Only those affiliates with Deus Industries are allowed entry.

The Third Bench:
Rumors around the area suggest that the third bench down from the entrance to Fern Gardens is the place where on could go to recieve their desires. Of course, such a rumor is just barely true, as Deus Industries only "eliminates" those obstacles in the way of such wants. Although this particular bench doesn't have a name, it has become the designated meeting spot between a client and a member of Deus affiliation. The bench provides the perfect amount of shade to keep one's identity secret, and allows a secluded environment to receive the job as well as information about said task.

The Gutters:
The name is as it suggests. Below the Fervwhin Tavern lies a cellar. This cellar is a place where people who the twins personally wish to deal with are kept until judgment has been made and said people shall recieve their punishment for crossing their organization of hitmen, or even them themselves. There is a line that is not to be crossed, and The Gutters is the destination of such a line.
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Deus Industries
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