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Be nice to other members
One of the most important rules of the site is to be nicer to other members, I am sure if you respect them, they will respect you.

Be nice to staff
Staff are members too! They are not paid workers, but are volunteers who are happy to help with the systems of the site. Please do not treat them like slaves and see them as robots. (We do not want an Okumura situation, yes, that is a Persona reference.)

As an avid user of curse words myself, I understand why cursing can be so effective in these types of sites (I know a few people who have made characters that were literal potty mouths, and they were really fun), but please don’t curse too much in your threads, it might not look attractive to some.

Multi-roles (limit: 3)
Some members will no doubt want multiple roles, and that's okay. There is a niche little system based on this, but there's nothing to be worried about.

Godmodding (where you control another person's character) is a gigantic no no. This can even upset some members, and we don’t want that.

For anyone that does not know, metagaming is obtaining information from one thread or something that isn’t even in a thread yet and using it without consent from the people who used it before (because they might want it to be public knowledge, for example) is frowned upon others and isn’t really a good thing to do, I suggest that to not do this, it’ll ruin peoples days.

There is a section for placing your ads, if ads are posted outside of that area, it goes poof! Like magic! O_O

Accidents can happen with double posting, so don’t worry if that happens as that can be sorted. We have a spam section for games and just for silly stuff, anything that is classed as spam that is not in the spam section will be deleted. Also, it has been known that forums can get spam accounts. If spam accounts arrive, they will be deleted without question.

Oooh boy, if I find anyone pulling this off, I will use my banhammer so quick. We do not copy anything from characters, from any type of writing and even copying posts (unless it’s justified, like quotes) isn’t allowed.

Your characters can be of any race (kitsune, neko etc). So I hope everyone has fun with that!

You can use characters from anime and games as your faceclaims. You are allowed a maximum of three and any more than that is not allowed. You are allowed to share faceclaims in the case of twins, triplets and cloning experiments, but nothing more than that.

Have fun
Remember, you are here to have fun and write with others! This site is heavily reliant on creative freedom, and that is the main aim for this site.
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General Rules
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