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 Multi-role rules

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Multi-role rules Empty
PostSubject: Multi-role rules Multi-role rules EmptyTue Jun 26, 2018 11:08 am


A maximum of three roles (accounts) will be allowed to be used on the site, anyone who creates more than three will be punished accordingly.

Every multi-role must be applied for. This isn’t anything bad, this is just to keep track of things the easy way. This is also so admins can check up on your activity to see if you are eligible. It’s nothing bad, so don’t worry.

You are allowed to keep these multi-roles secret if you want. If you find that anyone is trying to force you to reveal your multi-role, then please alert this to the staff, who will deal with this accordingly.

To make this easier on others, we highly discourage two roles being in the same thread unless another person is in that thread also, this doesn’t apply to OOC threads.

When applying, please message your application to one of the admins (Eoselene or Lyrian) and answer the questions that will be provided (The admins will PM you the question.)

Please do not leak the questions (We want it to be a surprise for anyone that hasn’t attepted this)

Time limit
Please get back to us in one week, if you need more time, then please do tell us
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Multi-role rules
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