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Unaffiliated is for the ones that have not pledged themselves to any sort of group or organisation. There are a few places where these people can go to, where they can be safe from every group or organisation, and where they can feel comfortable in their own skin. Funded or gifted to the people themselves, they can come and go as they please, and if any users are found to pledge themselves to anything, they are kicked out of the areas immediately.

The Little Rose
The Little Rose is a small-ish pub where people who aren't pledged to anyone can have good food and drink, and have a good time. The staff in The Little Rose don't want to get involved with any tirades, and so doesn't open it to anyone who is connected to a group of any sorts with some sort of rambunctious intention, or anything involving the government. They do, however, allow little groups and clubs, this includes flower arranging, painting, and any other skills that can help someone find a job.

Fern Gardens
The perfect romantic getaway, this place has all the odds stacked against it, and most people give thanks to the preservation, some may even believe that the prettiness and its beautiful colours is because nobody has dared to even attempt to harm the lush greenery.
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