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 Magic and skills rules

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Magic and skills rules Empty
PostSubject: Magic and skills rules Magic and skills rules EmptySun Oct 07, 2018 10:58 am

All types of magic and skills are welcome here
When I say all types of magic are welcome here, I really do mean it. This includes time warping and even reality shifting, making objects go away. It is up to you how to use them.

Magic and skills are decided upon levels, right up to level 6. Level 1 is the weakest and level 6 is the highest. We do not have ranks here, but you do not unlock level 6 spells immediately.

Buying spell slots
To buy more spell/ability slots, you need to buy from the shop using orbs as a resource. You can get orbs from defeating more enemies in character, and events may even produce orbs for your lovely selves to purchase stuff with. Orbs can be gained from anyone, but are contained in different ways.

Spells and skills requisitions
Spells and skills can only be used when the users have completed the requisites. For the magical users, they will always have to be in their magical form. For the non-magical users, they will probably have to have a certain item or weapon that can produce that kind of skill. (This can be interpreted in many different ways, however)
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Magic and skills rules
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